• Anti-aging treatment

    without side-effects

  • Microneedling

    Reduction of wrinkles

  • Improvement of the

    dermal immune system

  • ACS-Pen

    The function

  • Reduction

    of scars

  • Structuring

    of newepidermal layers

  • Reduktion

    of Striae

When your skin needs help to reduce the signs of age,

the ACS-PEN offers you the best possible solution.

All our research and efforts for skin improvement are based on the motto:


Life is a permanent challenge to achieve the BEST. The ACS-PEN is the result of 20 years expertise and research to offer the most advanced instrument in microneedling technology. The ACS-PEN was designed and developed by the internationally well-known scientist and microneedling-expert Horst Liebl.

ACS means: Advanced Cell Stimulation. It is a scientific based cosmetic Corneo-Therapy to stimulate the body’s self-restoring abilities for skin improvement.

The ACS-PEN offers the following:

+ State of the art anti-ageing device without any side effects

+ Advanced Cell Stimulation

+ Reduction of wrinkles

+ Stimulation for skin cell proliferation

+ Stimulation of the dermal immune system

+ Structuring of new epidermal layers

+ Degradation of old collagen formation (scars)

+ Reduction of pigment disorders

+ Painless gliding of 0,5 mm long needles without skin trauma

+ No pain, no numbing creams

+ Perfect results

+ Many times faster treatment compared with conventional needle rollers

We not only offer you the best instrument but also our knowledge gathered in 20 years from over 100 published scientific papers and reports.

Retrospect and Prospect of Microneedling:

In 1999 Horst Liebl developed and patented the first commercial available micro-needle device (Patent-No.: 100 63 6349). It was a round shaped drum stud with nearly 200 micro-needles in the range of 0.2 to 1.5 mm. It was named “Dermaroller”. Horst Liebls aim was to stimulate skin cells to proliferate without destroying the epidermis (as it is done with conventional methods such as CO2-Lasers, mechanical dermabrasion, micro-dermabrasion, acids and peelings).

The development of the Dermaroller was trendsetting. The results were surprisingly good and the epidermis remained intact. But there were also some disadvantages such as severe pain and bleeding – especially with needles longer than 1 mm.

The ACS-PEN has nothing in common with ancient needle-rollers. The ACS-PEN is an electric driven instrument, the logical evolution of old needle rollers, and all their disadvantages are now a thing of the past. The unique Linear Needle Module (LNM) is the key factor for best results. Only this needle arrangement guaranties a precise number of pricking channels per square centimetre (cm2). The vibration free ACS-PEN glides softly over the skin. The most you’ll feel is a slight tingling. This is technical progress at its finest!

From our prospective microneedling with the ACS-PEN is the best and gentlest procedure to improve skin cell activities and to reduce the signs of age.


In order to avoid any misunderstandings we have to state the following:

The ACS-PEN is not a “miracle-instrument” but at present the best cosmetic choice to reduce skin disfigurements caused by oily sin, big pores, acne scars, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders (and many more) without any negative side effects or social downtime.

The target of the ACS-PEN microneedles is the stimulation of all cells in the basal layer of the epidermis, also called the “germination layer” of our skin. Stimulation means to improve and accelerate cell activities and cell proliferation.

Microneedling acts according to the ancient motto:

The ACS-PEN helps, nature repairs!


More and detailed answers to your questions you find in our FAQ.