• ACS-CorneoTherapie - reduction of wrinkles

    Reduction of wrinkles

  • Improvement of the dermal immune system
    Improvement of the

    dermal immune system

  • Structuring of newepidermal layers

    of newepidermal layers

The magic needle - the book

ACS-Corneo Therapy

This book deals with the dark side of the offers to counteract the visible signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles and other adverse skin phenomena. If one looks a little bit closer, we only see a constant battle against the skin. This is supported by the provision of a variety of ‘weapon systems’, from miracle creams to the laser cannons, etc. But wars only know losers.

Every skin cell has a certain potential for reproduction, for survival. To awaken and sustain this potential, you do not have to fight but stimulate. Used in the right way, a tiny needle arrays can help to achieve this goal. It does not cause miracles but quite often magical results.

We only have one skin, and before we carry it to market, one should have read this book. It serves as a guide through the jungle of anti-aging procedures.

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